Cardboard Cutie (2006)

I was really amazed when I saw these life size realistic sex-dolls made by companies like RealDoll or the japanese Aidoll.

I really would like to have one..or several....but when I saw prices are about 7000 U.S dollars..I decided to improvize and make a low budget poor man's version...


a lifelike Japanese doll from the company Aidoll


I picked up a lot cardboard boxes at the grocery shop and started cutting.


though cardboard is easy to assemble with just hotglue itb took me 2 days to complete. 


I gave her a ponytail, not only because I like ponytails but also to put the center of gravity a little bit back because otherwise she falls forward


In the end I didn't like her. she looks too cartoonesk so the next thing i'll have to do is to scan in a real person