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Album: ledwall

For a store in Maastricht I made this lightning in the staircase going 10 meters up. It is controlled by an arduino mega and has in total 3600 leds.
Album: icoLED V2

the icoled is a 3d printed continuation of the isoled paper version a made a couple years ago.Thepaper isoled light I made before looked good but was very vulnerable and having bought a 3d printer recently this was a nice opportunity to make a plastic one.
Album: waddinxveen

For Exs Architects I made an interactive floorplan model that is in sync with the real estate agents data. Sold or reserved appartements are automatically marked with a red led in the model which is placed at the construction site.
Album: icoLED V1

Paper hanging light. Made a truncated isocahedron with 32 paper cells, diameter is about 40 cm's and each cell is lit with a individually programmable LED. The leds are driven by an arduino programmed with the FastLED library. The patterns can be cycled with a button and some of the patterns are responsive to sound.
Album: wiregame

steady hand, wire game for Draka Cables. Controlled by an arduino with current lap-time read out and daily record time display.
Album: draadkracht

Did a project together with Erik Katerborg for Adrichem communicatie, a light object for DRAKA containing about 300 programmable leds. Draka is a dutch cable company so the letters are made from twined cables and the leds are on the backside showing several light patterns.
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Just started my second year teaching at the WDKA, doing a lot of nice things with students there like building brain scanners.

found in album: News


arduino/grasshopper workshop at wdka